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IVF Center of Miami

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The Fertility & IVF Center of Miami, established in 1991, is South Florida’s leader in providing Assisted Conception Services. Our team of fertility specialists excels in achieving positive outcomes, while diminishing the stress often associated with fertility evaluation and treatment. First PESA pregnancy in South Florida. In Miami in vitro fertilization (IVF), a single ovum from a donor female is fertilized in a laboratory setting, and then implanted in the uterus where it is allowed to develop. In vitro fertilization allows many couples with infertility problems, including endometriosis, tubal factor infertility, and some male infertility issues, to achieve pregnancy and a successful birth. In IVF, the egg is collected directly from the ovary before ovulation and is fertilized with sperm in the laboratory. The fertilized egg will be incubated for a period of 3 to 5 days. The resulting embryo is then transferred into the uterus (womb) passing through a small canal, called the cervix, which can be accessed through the vagina. In vitro fertilization in Miami costs approximately $12,000 per attempt, and some couples may have to undergo more than one attempt may be necessary to achieve conception. The costs of mechanical or surgical sperm retrieval are not included in this estimate. They are trying to decide which place would be better for us and statistically, S. FL Institute has a better success rate and they also offer a $10K money back guarantee if the 2nd IVF fails. However, the RE at the Univ. of Miami has a wonderful reputation.

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