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Miami and Miami Beach Shopping

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Traveling in miami if you wants to some shopping so Shopping is not unknown in Miami.During your Miami trip, you simply must set a day aside for shopping. Miami happens to be one of the most fashionable cities in the world. You can find the finest stores and shopping centers in Miami. If you are […]

Miami Nightlife

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Greater Miami boasts some of the hottest nightspots in the world. In South Beach, club hoppers can stroll streets that teem with activity all night long. They can also find lots of party action and live music in the Design District area. Nearby, Downtown Miami is giving South Beach a run for its money with […]

Geography Of Miami

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At only 35.68 square miles (92 km2) of land area, Miami has the smallest land area of any major U.S. city with a metro area of at least 2.5 million people. The city proper is home to less than 1 in 13 residents of South Florida. Additionally, 52% of Miami-Dade County’s population doesn’t live in […]

Taipei(Taiwan)-Introduction and climate

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Taipei is the national capital of the Republic of China, otherwise known as Taiwan. It is in the northern part of the island in a basin between the Yangming Mountains and the Central Mountains. The largest city of Taiwan, it serves as its financial and governmental center. It is bordered by the Xindian River in […]

Montería-Northern Colombia travel guide

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Montería is a municipality and city located in Northern Colombia, capital of the Department of Córdoba. The city is located 50 KM (30 Miles) away from the Caribbean, by the Sinú River. Montería was located within the boundaries of the Colombian Department of Bolívar until 1952 when it separated from Bolívar and became the capital […]