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Is Mommy Makeover Surgery Right For A Woman?

The so-called Mommy makeover is one of the largest procedures of cosmetic surgery in the world today. It has takers from almost each part of the earth, with the number of women wanting to have this particular surgery rising by a great 85% in a decade. There is a general trend among mothers of wanting to look equivalent to what they did before having a baby. Many mothers are now opting for a mommy makeover to return to their pre-pregnancy days. These days people (read: mothers) want to look and feel young and be the face of the new generation.

The operation has several components. Mommy makeover essentially includes breast lifts, breast augmentations, abdominoplasty, and liposuction in the areas of hips and thighs. As much as these things sound tempting to new mothers who are looking for a post- pregnancy makeover, they also include a few minor obstacles: one of them being the pain. Learn more about mommy makeover on

How Severe is the Pain After a Mommy Makeover?

Pain varies from person to person and depends basically upon the tolerance of a patient. It also depends on various factors including how involved/extensive the surgery is. The exact procedure performed on any patient depends upon the specific medical needs of that particular patient. A majority of the patients who have undergone a mommy recovery procedure experienced only moderate pain. The pain is usually at its peak during the first 24 hours of the surgery, and then the condition gradually improves over a couple of weeks.

Feedbacks from patients state that abdominoplasty and breast lift/augmentation involves more pain than other procedures because they typically include surgery on muscles (which take more time to heal and are more painful to be operated on). Studies have also shown that patients who are known to exercises regularly are more likely to suffer from less pain than those who don’t. Several plastic surgeons say that injecting dilute local anesthetics at the time of the surgery dramatically reduces the pain for the first couple of hours post surgery. Most strains involved in these kinds of procedures are essentially muscle spasms.
It would be wrong to say that these pains can be completely eradicated. But certain methods do exist to diminish the magnitude of discomfort you might experience. Devices like pain pumps are also used to help to reduce the pain in a tummy tuck surgery. This device aids the numbing medicine and masks the abdominal pain for the first 3 days after the surgery. Most surgeons will likely ban any heavy lifting or other strenuous activities for at least 5 to 6 weeks after the surgery. Each plastic surgeon will have a special post- operation procedure to minimize your pain. You can discuss this with the respective surgeons before diving into the surgery.

At the end of the day, pain is relative to the patient and to reduce it you need to have a talk with your doctor. Most patients say the pain is comparable to and mostly less than that experienced during a C-section. But as the saying goes, “No pain, No gain.”

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How To Tell If A Potential Date At Is A Long Term Relationship Or Not

Online dating using can be fun and simply an opportunity to interact with different people as you figure out who you are more compatible with and who shares the same interests as you and wants a long term relationship just as much as you do. How exactly do you distinguish a potential suitor who is really into you from one who is just a time waster or a commitment phobe? Here are some ways that you can tell your prospect is taking you seriously and is in it for a long haul.

There are no inconsistencies in their profile

While dating online using platform, it is not unusual to encounter people who have got poor communication skills. This kind of people will not communicate regularly, they will message you once in a while only when they have no other interesting prospects paying attention to them; and they are in of attention to boost their egos. However, a potential suitor who is really into you will not display this kind of tendencies. Serious suitors communicate frequently; since they are not seeing multiple people at the same time and are prioritizing time to nurture what could be a budding relationship between the two of you.

Your feelings of wanting to meet up are mutual

When you and your potential mate see things from the same perspective, such as agreeing on when to see each other next without any hesitance from either side then it is a good sign. This might mean that you will also agree on many other aspects as well since your feelings are mutual and you share the same instincts. This could be an indication that you share the same values and would therefore be a perfect match.

You can’t wait to share what has been happening in your separate lives

When you have met your match online, you will realize that you email or message each other over every little thing that happened in your lives separately. You not only want to share your events with your potential suitor but the other party is also keen on knowing what has been going on with you during their absence. This is a good sign since; it shows that you share the same perspective on life; hence a relationship between the two of you is likely to work out.

There are no signs of any deceit

Prospects who lack seriousness while dating on platform, will weave you in a web of deceit and lies just to keep you interested in them so that they may use you as a backup plan whenever their actual love interests are not paying any attention to them. However a promising potential mate will not play games with you but be honest in every way as they will not want to offend you. With a potential suitor who is a long term relationship material, what you see is what you get. Discount

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Swimming Pool Repair – Some Details To Be Aware Of

A swimming pool is something that needs regular maintenance, but effective maintenance will protect your pool from huge repair projects.

Swimming pool repair is actually a general term that can denote dealing with cracks in the walls of the pool, pump systems, poor filter and break in the lining of the pool. Most of these repair works need the work of a repair professional. Some of these repairs are huge and will cost you more while some will cost you less than $1000. When you can decide on the repairs that can be handled on your own, you can arrive at an informed decision. Sometimes, repairs might require a replacement of a worn out part, which might cost you more and you may need to find a good pool builder on Yelp or YellowPages directories.

How about structural repair?

When talking about the three crucial components of the swimming pool materials, fiberglass, vinyl and concrete are the three crucial elements. Each of them has their own benefits and demerits, and they are susceptible to varied repair works to be carried out.
➢ In case your pool is made out of concrete, there are chances of cracking, particularly if you live in a colder region. In this type of region, cracks can occur due to extreme winter temperatures. Even though, minor cracks might be corrected with the help of some patch-works, bigger cracks need complete overhauling of the pool.
➢ When this the case of concrete pools, vinyl pools are subject to tears in the lining. Here too, smaller tears can be repaired, while larger ones need complete replacement of the lining. But, the good thing here is that as compared to replacement cost involved with concrete pool, the replacement cost in the case of a vinyl pool will be lesser.
➢ Even though fiberglass pools are not destructible; they can face ugly discoloration because of mineral and chemical reactions. If this change in color looks awkward, the repair work to be done should probably involve an acid wash.

Repairs to filters and pumps:

Unless your filter or pump breaks down completely, it will be hard to identify, which one is not working properly and needs repair work to be carried out. In some cases, there are chances that both might be working properly individually, but they might not work together well, thereby causing problems. This type of repair is generally common in older and above ground pools.

The problem with these parts in the pool might be caused due to damaged or clogged hose. Before calling up a repair professional, you can just check the hoses and other parts that can be accessed for yourself, and if the problem cannot be identified, you can call up the repair professional. When you can explain the problem exactly, the professional will be able to identify the reason behind and can provide the appropriate solution.

Safety features:

When a part of your pool system stops working suddenly, it might have shut off with a view to ensure the safety of the users. This shut off might be because of the auto shut off feature of pool covers or pool heaters. But, when this happens, it might be due to some minor problems that can be easily rectified. So, you need not have to panic.

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Kitchen remodeling ideas you can use

You may want to alter the way your kitchen looks like by renovating it. However, you must come up with quality designs that will match your taste. There are various decorations, ambiances, and layouts you may want to try out so that you can change the general appearance of your kitchen. The size or shape of this room will not matter since the styles will make them look attractive and within your budget. Some of the ideas are listed below.

➢ Triangle kitchen design

This method implies arranging some of the essential kitchen items like the sink, fridge, and oven. When you are preparing your meals and cooking, you ought to be in a position to move fast and without difficulties when you are using these principal components. Therefore, you should take into account these fixtures and how simple you can use them in an efficient manner as you move around.

➢ Consider the kind of lifestyle you have

You should reflect on how your family uses this important room. For example, you can decide to install a bar that will be used for breakfast. This will make it easier for your family, especially children to dine and as you monitor them when doing their assignments. You can also opt for breakfast nook that has a banquet built on it. This idea can offer you a lot of extra space while at the same time presenting you with a dining solution.

➢ Decide the style you prefer

Before you can think of remodeling, you should select one design, which will be your guide as you pick the style you want. Bear in mind that whatever you choose must be in line and consistent plus it must complement the décor in the house. Moreover, you might decide to change the entire look of your kitchen if it is separate from others. Some of the major designs you can select are modern, traditional, rustic and the French country. Whatever style you choose will help you as you pick the appliances, polish and fixtures you want for your kitchen.

➢ Go for the open shelves for storage

Many people opt for closed cabinets because it prevents dust build up on your appliances and other items like plates and cups. However, an open shelve is also functional. When the cabinets are open, finding things become easy since you will locate them faster and conveniently without difficulties. Furthermore, you can decide to put on display your favorite crockery for all to see. If you compare them to closed type, open shelves bring in an atmosphere of airiness to a tiny and narrow kitchen.

You should make sure you select the finest countertop design and material, but you should consider your needs and not solely focus on the attractiveness only. If you like baking, then a marble top will be perfect for you.

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Put your hard earned vacations to utmost use and travel wherever you want to

Vacations are difficult to get these days and even if you get one, it is too short to do everything you want to and while prioritizing, the wishes towards the end of your wish list are invariably archived and this is repeated every vacation. For those who want to travel, as in really travel and not just go to a nearby beach or hillside for the weekend, things become even more difficult when you cannot book a holiday because you do not even know whether your leave will be sanctioned. Now things are much easier for all of you who want to visit different places away from the mundane lifestyle you have to live with throughout the year.

We will arrange for instant flight and hotel booking services so that you do not stand the chance of:

  • Having to cancel the booking and lose most of the money because your leave has not been sanctioned.
  • Not getting the booking done at all because you are sure you are not getting the leave.

As it is, long term plans hardly ever work out in life. That is why it is better to opt for such smart instant booking where you will get to travel wherever you want and with whosoever you want and enjoy a memorable holiday!